Benefits of network scanners

Large and small, business operations are dependent upon many applications and configurations working in concert with one another. With P3iD professional installation and integration services, we have the expertise to create integrations from the ground up or enhance the products you already use.

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Benefits of Network Scanners

The Features of Several Devices

 The convenience of One

Canon document scanners - Ease of Use by P3iD

Ease of Use

Network Scanners provide various ways in which the user experience is much easier than using traditional USB-attached scanners.  Most network scanners have large touchscreen displays with big buttons where little, or no operator training is required, to ‘push’ scanned documents to their chosen destinations. 
Canon document scanners - Total Cost of Ownership by P3iD

Total Cost of Ownership

One of the main benefits of Network Scanners is the ability to eliminate the need for extra hardware such as a scanning computer, scanner software drivers or scanner software applications. Network Scanners do not require any of these components so there is no extra expense to add to your budget.
Canon document scanners - Software integration by P3iD

Integrated With Processes

With easy to use operation and using optional SDK or Web API, Network Scanners can be integrated directly into business process applications. Now organizations can embed document scanning capability within line of business applications for enhanced business efficiency.
Canon document scanners - Return on Investment by P3iD

Increase Up-time & Reliability

Designed as a single function device for scanning documents, network scanners are generally much more reliable than multi-function devices. As many of us have experienced, the print functionality of multi-function devices causes downtime due to technical breakdown, rendering the scanner useless.

Make Your Business Better With the Benefits of network scanners

Integrated Network Scanners

Canon network scanners and ScanFront 400 integration

Make Your Business Better With Integrated Network Scanners!

A few network scanner vendors offer optional Software Developer Kit’s (SDK) allowing developers to create unique integration screens to display on the touch panel. These integrations offer tight interoperability with business systems such as Enterprise Content Management (ECM) repositories, Line of Business (LOB) applications, Electronic Medical Records (EMR), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and other third-party solutions.

In addition, user interface screens can be created with a custom look and feel to fit corporate branding. You also have the option of assigning a specific color to users and departments for quick visual recognition. Our integrated approach to network scanning enables organizations of all sizes to image-enable their current software applications and put forth the assurance of delivering images directly into back-end servers. All this without the traditional high costs, aggravation and loss of productivity involved with the other approaches within the industry that simply do not offer as much customization and control.

Canon network scanners - Quality software solutions

Quality of A Network Scanner: Image Quality And Paper Handling

Typically, the quality of IT products is underappreciated until operational disruptions caused by a failure such as paper jammed in the device. Experience in developing feeding technology to efficiently handle documents of different shapes, sizes and weights have helped set dedicated document scanner vendors apart from other technology.

Network scanners have inherited many of the qualities of traditional document scanners used in mission-critical applications, bringing the opportunities of network scanning to organizations of all sizes. The focus on the importance of mission-critical scanning is evident in today’s network scanners. Details like specific design features such as a straight paper path to reduce potential document jams, and the ability to scan plastic cards through the document feeder. Additionally, the ability to preview images after scanning, but before committing them to a destination, is an example of quality found in some network scanners.


Frequently Asked Questions

About: What is this website?
This P3iD website is focused on Canon Document Scanners. A dedication to the quickly evolving technology and partner ecosystem focused on the integration of business processes and platforms that make your business better.
How long does implementation take to occur?
Depending on the number of users and workflow steps, the setup can be as quick as one day.
Do you do on-premise or cloud installations only?
Both on-premise or professionally managed cloud installations are available. Note that on-premise are remote sessions so access to network resources is required. On-site is available but the customer is responsible for time and travel expense.
Which scanners are supported?
Currently, P3iD is focusing on the Canon ImageFORMULA® ScanFront® 400, and the Canon Scan Kiosk ii.
Can I switch from hosted to customer managed?
Yes, you are in complete control of your infrastructure whether we manage this service or not and you will always have access however you wish.
Can we use any Canon USB scanner with <abbr class='c2c-text-hover' title='Tool Without An Interesting Name'>TWAIN</abbr> DIRECT?

Yes. As a member of the TWAIN Working Group, P3iD is able to provide the necessary components to make Canon USB scanners compatible with TWAIN Direct.

Network Scanner Integration Partners

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