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Why Professional Integration Services?

  • Your IT schedule is currently full
  • IT resources are allocated elsewhere
  • Integrations are difficult – This is a job for dedicated professionals
  • Server integration has become complicated by scanners residing in different locations
  • Custom workflows for the scanner take time to create and implement


How It Comes Together

So, how does P3iD provide you with an easy to use, simple to deploy, and efficient document process automation system? It’s simple. We walk you through our process to determine where you are currently, and where you plan on going. 

  • Define the problems
  • Design your solutions
  • Refine the process
  • Build your integration

Searchable PDF Documents

Automatically prepare your scanned documents to be fully searchable so that they are easy to find at a later time.

Digital Rights Management

Ensure access security by automatically applying digital access rights during the document capture process.

Automatic Document Separation

Scan document batches and automatically separate them into individual files leveraging bar codes and OCR values.

Automatic Document Indexing

Improve database accuracy and save time by automatically extracting content via barcode or OCR recognition.


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